Enjoying Winters In The City Of London

The city of London offers a wonderful travel experience for the young and old alike. Throughout the year you can enjoy numerous festivals, scenic vistas, exciting sightseeing and the fast paced life of the metro. However, the true spirit of London can be felt in the chilly season of winter, when the entire city is in the holiday mood.

The short daylight during this season doesn't deter the thousands of tourists who come to visit. See history come to life at the Big Ben, the Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral or view the entire city while spinning on the London Eye. You can even go shopping at the various malls that house the latest brands of high fashion.

If you are travelling with family go to the amusement parks, aquarium, museums, theaters, and concert halls. The London weather in the winter season also offers temporary ice rinks, which can be a fun-filled activity for everyone. One of the most visited places of the city is of course the Buckingham Palace. The royal guards and the grandeur of the venue will leave you spellbound. If you are travelling with your spouse, you can go for a quiet romantic dinner or join in the buzzing nightlight of the city. The warmth of the locals will make you feel a part of the culture.

Touring the city in winter even allows to you join their Christmas and New Year celebrations. London has a unique charm to itself during this time; the city is bright with decorative lights. The tree lighting ceremony at Trafalgar Square, the New Year fireworks and other exciting events are a must-see in the city.

The temperature rarely gets to the freezing point in London. But, just like the weather in Manchester, this city too, has a fickle and unpredictable winter season. You may encounter sudden showers of rain or snow; but, if you are lucky you may enjoy a sunny day without overcast during this season too.

This city will require a good 7 to 15 days to fully visit it; it would be ideal if you plan well in advance. Plus, booking of hotel and flights before will ensure that you have your trip at a great price. If you are thinking of taking a longer tour throughout the continent, check for the overall European weather forecast, which will help you avoid chilly days of the season in London.

Come to London this holiday season and see a different side to the city. Thanks to the celebrations, you can feel warmth even in the chilling winter.

The 2011 Dodge Charger Todays Choice of a Full Size Sedan

The Dodge Intrepid

Chrysler (Dodge brand in America) manufactured the Intrepid from 1993 to 2004, which was Dodge's full-size sedan for that period. For many years of its life, the Dodge Intrepid dominated the market of cars in its class with its innovatively styled, spacious layout, and affordable price. The most recent 1998 to 2004 models received an even sleeker body that resembled a coupe. The base Intrepid came with a 2.7 liter V6 engine that offered 200 horsepower and 190 pound-feet of torque. ES models were available with either the 2.7-liter or a more powerful 3.2-liter V6 engine that yielded 225 horsepower and 225 pound-feet of torque. The Intrepid R/Ts offered a 3.5 liter V6 engine that produced 242 hp and 248 lb-ft of torque. In 2002, Dodge dropped the 3.2 liter engine replacing it with a 234-hp version of the 3.5-liter V6. You can buy a used Dodge Charger engine in 2.7 and 3.3 liter engine options.

The Dodge Charger LX

The Dodge Charger LX replaced the Intrepid in 2005 as Dodge's full-size sedan. The Chrysler 300 and third-generation Dodge Challenger also shared the LX rear-wheel drive platform with the Dodge Charger. The Dodge Charger LX is the precursor of today's 2011 Dodge Charger.

The 2011 Dodge Charger

The 2011 Dodge Charger has had several improvements over last year's model and is a great choice for a full-size sedan that is performance-oriented.

The 2011 Dodge Charger comes in 2 models – the SE and the R/T. Both models come with automatic transmission, iPod input, side/curtain airbags, stability control, traction control, navigation system (Optional) and MP3 Player (Optional). The base 2011 Dodge Charger SE comes with a 3.6L V6 or flex-fuel engine that delivers up to 18 city/27 highway mpg, bluetooth (optional) and satellite radio (optional). The 2011 Dodge Charger R/T comes with a 5.7L V8 engine that delivers up to up to 16 city/25 highway mpg, and a blue tooth standard. The most basic level SE models come with rear-wheel drive only, while with the R/T there is a choice of rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

The new Dodge Charger received some upgrades to its interior with a more stylish appearance and more luxurious materials. Other optional upgrades include the Sirius Travel Link service that provides information ranging from local gas prices to live weather radar images. The Cross Traffic Alert system helps with backing out of a blind parking space, and is also state-of-the-art.

The new and improved exterior styling is perhaps the most noticeable improvement of the 2011 Dodge Charger. The new exterior style gives the Dodge Charger an edgier appearance with a more outstanding looking front end, and scallop details on the hood and side panels. A new tail light system boasts 164 bright LED lights arranged in a specific pattern.

All these improvements help the 2011 Dodge Charger to become a premium choice in the full-size sedan arena. Those who value practicality over performance may prefer to choose some of 2011 Charger's competitors as a full-size sedan car. All the positive changes, along with a lower price, make the 2011 Charger the best it's ever been.

Bring Outside World Inside Your Home With The Help of Wall Stickers

As our taste for outdoor living and all its various accoutrements gathers pace why not consider a few decorative ideas for bringing the outside in for when the weather's not so hot. A self-adhesive vinyl wall sticker or decal is an inexpensive way of making a dramatic gesture in your home and many online retailers specialise in designs echoing natures' bounty. Anything from a single graceful branch to a whole copse can be had for very little considering the impact they make. Make sure to get the matching birds in the contrasting colour!

Another idea for playing with the idea of inside and outside is to bring in and display items you would ordinarily expect to find outside. A wall mounted sundial hanging above the fireplace makes for an amusing alternative to the more usual clock and although it's useless, it looks great. Why not train a spotlight on it so that it's always six o'clock and time for a drink. It would also be nice to have a little classical statuary in the corner too wouldn't it? But it's from the garden centre and looks a bit nasty so you'll have to paint it. Break out those marbling techniques you learned in the eighties and before long you've got your very own piece of Canova.

Finally, the humble houseplant seems to have fallen off the radar recently which is a shame because the right one doesn't need much looking after and can look spectacular. Palms seem to do very well in our centrally heated homes and a collection of variously sized and shaped individuals teamed with your Duluxed nymph will make your home a veritable bosky glade. Pots, like everything else come in a fantastic and bewildering range so you'll have to decide whether you're urban angular zinc of multi-coloured majolica.

Once again, with a little imagination and a bit of effort you can make a big difference. Wall stickers alone make a huge impact and when combined with a few interlopers from outside will make your home into a garden of earthly delights. Now then, how about some goldfish in the bath….

An Adventure Called Winter Caravan

Winter for most people is the month of many slips and lock-ins, spent drowsily next to the fireplace and thoroughly exhausted. But work often brightens up when a holiday is approaching and that holiday needn't be the Christmas and New Year only. It is true that there are so many lands to discover and one cannot possibly blow their hard-earned savings on just touring. Caravanning thus becomes a great way of satisfying one's wanderlust. Outdoors can be relinquished with the comfort of indoors and the big spending on hotel rooms and B&B's can be cut down upon with a one-time investment or rented caravan.

Winter Caravan

The idea is to make your own customized holiday involving these usually separate elements of adventure: sight-seeing, camping, indoor comfort and rest. Caravanning can happen all year long except in extreme temperatures. For that reason, campsites in December to February in UK will find themselves usually vacant.

So you have considered caravanning for the first time and don't know where to start? Pick a comfortable time period as per your work, time, savings and season. A 5-day weather forecast will help you make appropriate decisions right from the beginning. If there are more people along with you, responsibilities can be delegated and one person can be the weatherman keeping a continuous check on weather.

Next, you pick an area that you have wanted to explore. Since its winter and this is an outdoor activity, you may not want to meddle with locations with extreme weather. Coastal regions like Blackpool make a great getaway in November just in time to catch up with the famous Illuminations as the Blackpool weather forecast will reveal temperatures above freezing and six hours of sunshine with plenty of rain-much different from some inland areas.

Winterizing the Caravan

Regarding your decisions of location and duration, the season calls for your caravan to be winterized. A little bit of research should answer all your questions. Moreover you can participate in rallies organized by your local caravan groups and associations. They can also educate and simplify your preparations from their experience. But typically, in winter, propane is the best gas to use. You may want to get some training in towing the caravan and the 'dos and don'ts' in handling your belongings, personal safety and ability to withstand numerous environmental factors.

Say you've picked an inland area such as Kearby near Leeds. Your foremost task would be to know the Leeds weather forecast. If it shows possibilities of fog, snow and rain – your caravan must be equipped for the same. Accordingly you'll need to make arrangements for dehumidifiers, heater, insulation, lagging exposed pipes, winter tyres, stabilizers and snow chains, etc. Making security and comfort arrangements will come next.

First timers should preferably join a rally or at least have company of some experienced caravanners to ensure a great winter adventure.

Five Ways to Prevent Finding a Traffic Ticket

Do you know the consequences of getting a new traffic ticket? Well if it is your first, you might only pay a fine. However with several tickets you'll get points against your licenses in most declares, plus a great, plus feasible “traffic school” as an additional bonus. Not to mention an increase in your own insurance! Here are several ways to stay away from all this.

The simplest way to fight any traffic ticket of course is to not get one in the first place. If you do get stopped, here are some tips:

1. Be respectful to the office in which stops anyone. This may not really sound like a huge problem, but remember traffic cops are usually people too and they desire someone to treat them with admiration and even end up being courteous. They'll probably go back the like by not giving you a ticket, on many occasions!

2. Switch off your stereo system, radio or perhaps boom field so you can pick up the officer's guidelines clearly. There is nothing more bothersome than to discuss with someone who just isn't paying attention. As well as seen the show “Speeders”? This option practically plead for a ticket, they are thus disrespectful.

3. Get your motorist?s license, registration, and also your insurance coverage card in a handy place so you can entry them very easily. Once again, it appears too simple but small things like this teach you are basically a new “good guy/girl” and want to work with the legislation.

4. Mindset is every little thing – therefore don't lay an egg! If you are developing a bad day, try and suck it up for around 10 minutes and turn into nice. Offering a police officer slightly rude is not the way to get off of a ticket quite the opposite! Keep in mind, police officers are generally people and they've bad nights as well, when you try heading toe-to-toe with one particular you will shed, guaranteed. Become nice, don't forget you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.

5. If you are caught speeding, don't be scared to ask the actual officer if you're able to see the readout through the radar firearm. In most cases he can show you this particular, and if you imagine it's drastically wrong, then make some it. Will not fight with the roadside nevertheless, take it to the court! There are many approaches to fight a new traffic ticket in court, thus once again be courteous, as well as wait for your time and effort to come.

If you undertake get a exceeding the speed limit ticket, be sure you note situations, the weather, any kind of traffic signs, how active the traffic is at the time, every other details you can think of. If you undertake need to go to the court this information will confirm invaluable. Fighting traffic tickets to win is your goal after all this!

Mobile Development For Android

When you first install WeatherBug, the first thing you may notice is that??the free version is supported by ads. Using my “Sherlock Holmes” detective skills and a compass from a cereal box, I have deduced that there??must be??a paid verison of the app that removes these. Sure enough, after long nights and gathering??statements from??random passerby's, I have confirmed (by looking at the Android Market??for about 30 seconds) that there is indeed a paid, ad-free??version. More??on that later.

The app's layout is quite simple, and it works well that way. When you open WeatherBug, you instantly get the current temperature, wind speed and direction, as well as a short term forecast. At the bottom of the page, you will see some icons. Each of these icons will give you some more detail as to what is going on around you; But we're talking weather here, not which bars have the best happy hour.

The second icon from the left displays the 7-day forecast, which by swiping to the side of the screen, will break that forecast down into different parts of the day. By swiping again, the forecast is broken down even further into an??hourly forecast.

The next icon to the right will display a map on which you can enable layers. This one is easily my favorite and most used screen. Here, you can display current radar, satellite, and temperatures. While being able to see these is nice, one major feature of the “Elite” version is the ability to watch “moving” radar. Simply put, you can view??the radar in motion, which is quite handy if you have a storm nearby. The best part about this feature is that the map is provided by Google, meaning you are basically looking at Google Maps with weather radar. That's awfully nice if you??are on a road trip and need to see if you're heading for a storm.

Moving again to the right, the next icon looks like a camera, and that's because that is exactly what it is. By selecting it, you will be able to scroll through different live weather feeds in your area. This is really nice if you want to see what kind of weather is happening in the town next to you, or somewhere else nearby.

The next icon breaks down the temperature, precipitation, wind, sun, humidity, and pressure into specific details; And I??do mean specific. The meteorologist in all of us can feel right at home with all of this data.

Do you have allergies? The next icon summarizes the pollen count and is accompanied by a national pollen map, showing where the??highest pollen counts have been observed.

After that, there is a movie reel icon that displays a video on the national weather forecast. If you've been missing your local television news forecast, fret no more, because it's built right in.

Next to that is the advisory panel. Any weather alerts or advisories for your area are displayed here. If you want, you can set Weatherbug to notify you if there are advisories in your area, that way you don't have to check this screen too often.

Last but not least is the help section.

The Best Weather Apps For Android

There are many weather apps for android and with the app developers on a spree to manufacture more, there will be many more in future. It can be hard choosing the best ones and therefore even after reading this article, one should be advised to look around for more here. We know that the Droid is the best technology in the world because it allows so any apps and widgets. The best apps for travel, sport, business, news, weather and so forth have to be user friendly, easy to configure and so forth. Read on to see some of the weather apps that one can find on android.

  1. The Thermometer is one of the apps for weather on android. It is very accurate and therefore for a traveler, this app tells them how warm or cold it will be outside. There is the free download of this but that will be accompanied by ads while the paid-for download will not have the ads. It is user friendly.
  2. The Weather Android is in a class of its own in the market. The importance of this app is that it gives accurate information based on the GPS locator. The selling point for this app is that it is very simplistic and no matter how small your village is, it will locate it for you and give you the real time weather conditions.
  3. Rainy Days App is just that: It tells you when it is going to rain or which location is raining right then. Although it might no be very accurate, all the same it tells you what to expect. This app works together with Googlemaps to pinpoint your exact location and then it gives you the rain radar. It is very user-friendly
  4. The Weatherbug is the next best thing to a weather feed on the android phones. It offers alerts for weather and weather changes. It will give one real time weather conditions in different places of the world. This weather app collects climate and weather news from all weather stations in America as well as other parts of the world. In addition, this app also warns one about calamities, hurricanes and tornados, where they are likely to happen.
  5. If you want to know about the weather conditions of a place, anywhere in the world at any time, then the Myweather app is the best. This will show you the climatic conditions in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe. It works for any part of the world. It can also offer intense details like the actual temperatures, humidity and so forth.
  6. The Weatherdog is great for people who love toon characters in their smart phone. This app gets one real time weather conditions. Now, this app does not go into the details very much but at the same time, it is is accurate in the information that it gives.
  7. My-Cast weather is a great app for users to download into their android phones and tablets because it gives alerts for extreme weather. It gives weather alerts in hourly intervals or as one may choose.

Now the aforementioned apps may be meant for different users. Some of them could be for UK users while others are for the US users. It does not matter really because they are simplistic and user friendly, but there are more weather apps for Android weather widget and technology.

Befriend The Skies For Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful past time that has many benefits. It's a good physical activity that is also relaxing, stress-relieving, and provides a great opportunity to interact with nature. In addition to growing beautiful plants to enhance the landscape of your home, you can also grow your own herbs, fruits, and vegetables for cooking your family's meals.

However, the European masses are known to take gardening to another level. For them it is an artistic expression and a representation of abundance. It seems as if they can make their gardens talk. With the Europe weather alerts continually serving as an important part of their almanac, the ardent gardeners rustle up for pleasant surprises as frequently as their weather tends to surprise them!

There are many factors to take into account in gardening – the objective, the design, the weather, the native plants, the non-native plants available or possible, the seasons, budget, type of soil and its pH levels and so on. European, usually English gardening styles demand a strong bone structure of the garden. It means the planting of trees, shrubs, and hedges to create a strong visual impact. It is then followed by weaving and sprawling plants. This method helps make the eyes travel and create field-depth.

A garden can exhibit various looks – a gardenesque style, a cottage garden look, a naturalistic garden or a symmetrical one. A gardenesque approach would mean emphasizing every plant's beauty to its maximum potential, treating the space like a botanical collection characterized by artificial mounds, winding paths connecting group plantings and creating small-sized landscapes. Such an approach gives prime importance to the plants which at any point cannot die or wither away. For example, the recent weather in Bournemouth recording temperature extremes in summer could mean replacing your sunflowers with heat-loving annuals such as Geranium, Marigold, Pentas, and Gazania.

Similarly, along with various styles and approaches to gardening, innovation is what carries the real kicks of gardening today. Mailbox gardens, doorstep gardens, window-sill saplings and flowers, rooftop foliage, and island bed gardens are interesting ideas for maximizing your gardenscape. All the above mentioned styles, looks and ideas are worthwhile if you judiciously plan all the gardening tasks in coordination with the weather.

For instance, Birmingham weather predictions reveal that its precipitation this summer is somewhere close to the highest when compared to the rest of the Britain. This is the best weather for planting or seeding especially right before a light shower is expected. Precipitation forecasts also help manage sprinkler systems to avoid water-logging, which is deadly to some garden plants. Similarly, plant roots are well hydrated following light rains. Thais makes it an excellent time for transplanting and fertilizing.

Fertilizing can be avoided in case of dry seasons to save the plants from burning and also in case of heavy rains to prevent it from getting washed off. The mini-herb garden by your window can be harvested on sunny mornings right after the dew has evaporated. So instead of having erratic weather ruin your garden, trying applying multiple designs. The right ideas can make your gardens thrive in the given weather. Plus it keeps you healthy from the physical work and sparkly-eyed from the bloom of your efforts.

Things to do With Your Android Phone

People always have that standard description in their minds regarding Smartphones. Whenever they bring in front of their eyes the picture of an Android Phone the first thing which strike their mind is its unique Apps and features. Apart from these features the Android market have diverse Apps for helping people quit smoking, measuring ambient noise levels and identifying types of clouds for its users. In this Article we would notify Android users with the most unique Apps which are just beyond imagination.

App to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking is an Android Application which helps Android users to control smoking and put a full stop to it. This App proves to be very useful and whenever the user gets an urge to smoke he has to press a red button on the phone which will then ask the user about their stress level and urge. This App is indeed excellent as it keeps track on the user's daily smoking quota.

Sound Meter helps to measure sound levels

Android users can now measure noise with their phones with the help of Sound meter. Users first need to download the Sound Meter; it measures the level of minimum and maximum noise in the environment. Apart from this it also finds typical noise levels of sounds that people listen to everyday. This App makes use of the Smartphone microphone for sound measurement.

Coton Helps You Recognize Different Kinds Of Clouds

A Most Unique App Which No Mobile Phone has in store is Coton. This is an App which is available only under Android platform. The use of this App is to identify different kinds of clouds. Users would love using this App as they would get to learn about different clouds. Each cloud is presented with a high resolution image so that user can have a clear view of it. The App comes with more than 20 different kinds of clouds.

Weather App

As the name sounds this is an application which will give the Android phone user details about the weather. The application can record humidity, precipitation, windspeed and many more. User gets a forecast for 7 and 48 hours which include weather radar, sun rise-sun set and moon rise moon set. User can get recent weather images through this weather App. One can add widget to the home screen of their Android phone and have an option of choosing weather App from 80,000 different destinations.

So people don't be under the misconception that an Android phone is very similar to other smart phones because it is way too different from other smart devices.

Finding Fish Has Never Been Easier

Most anglers today can't imagine fishing without sonar to show them the depth and presence of fish. Add an electronic chart to the equation to provide a detailed lake map right in front of you, and GPS to show the precise location of your boat on that map, and you're in total control. Whether you're fishing a bass boat, walleye boat or utility boat, good electronics not only show you fish, but help keep you in the hotspot, too. They can even help you find your way back to the ramp or nearest fuel dock.

Today, most 'packaged' aluminum fishing boats come factory-rigged with a reliable fish finder, and your aluminum boat dealer can easily upgrade your electronic array to incorporate Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) for navigation, and chart plotting to show your fishing boat's exact location on the lake as well as the structure around you. In addition, available chart plotting software will even tell you what your options are for restaurants and motels near the lake when you're done fishing.

Adding GPS helps you mark productive spots that hold fish for your return later in the day-or even the next year. While installing a GPS unit used to mean also installing the module that picked up the satellite signals to triangulate your position, many modern GPS units feature that module built-in. All you need is a battery to run it. You might even opt for an inexpensive hand-help GPS unit that you can affix to its own in-boat mount.

From there, the sky is the limit for rigging your aluminum fishing boat with electronics. Today's state-of-the-art units feature high-definition sonar, side-scanning sonar to see fish and structure to the side of your boat, even 360-degree scanning to show what's under the water all the way around your boat. Larger aluminum walleye boats used in all sorts of weather benefit from radar-recreational radar units have fallen drastically in price over the last few years. Chart plotters come with a chip loaded with detailed lake maps that show lake bottoms for several surrounding states-all on the same chip. Gone are the days of massive paper map books. Anglers can trailer their bass boats or walleye boats to any lake in the country and have a detailed map of it right on their console. For trolling in your walleye boat, you can even add a speed-and-temperature probe that shows you the exact level of fish-holding temperature breaks, and if you're trolling with or against an underwater current.

If budget is an issue and you need to keep it simple, basic electronics to help you find fish and monitor the depth and structure are not expensive. If you have an open aluminum utility boat, either a jon boat or a utility-V boat, you can purchase a sonar unit for less than $100. And you don't have to drill any holes to mount the transducer, which is the small puck that actually shoots the sonar pulse down into the water. Transducer brackets are available to simply clamp onto the transom next to your outboard.

Indeed, with the tremendous advances in technology – from the most basic to the most sophisticated – for today's angler the term “goin' fishing” has been replaced by “goin' catching.”